Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Count Down

I have enjoyed the course but ready to be finished up. Between the school day and home life - things are far too busy. We are also in the process of getting 1st quarter progress reports out. This task has taken a very long time since there were some hang ups with the "canned" comments along with now keeping up with our grading weekly on I-Campus. I am finding that it does take time to work out the bugs and become familiar with the new system. Yes technology is great - but at times I do feel that it does create more work initially especially in the set up phase of something new.

Last of all - it would be great to see any and all Mahoney communication all online. This would save paper, allow all of us to get caught up with what all teams are doing, and provide us with an ongoing record of all team's notes.



  1. Steve, you and I said some very similar things in our post today! Good luck finishing up those progress reports and great idea to go paperless!

  2. Yes, technology is time-consuming...sometimes a real time-sucker!
    Pick what works best for you and focus on just a couple of new things.
    Will we ever go paperless??!!