Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mid-September Reflections

Well it is mid September already and classes are under way. As I sat here at the end of August I had all sorts of ideas to intro to some of my 7th and 8th grade classes. But now as we are now working through the final few fitness assessments - it is becoming more of a challenge as to how and when I introduce some of my ideas. A few issues:
  1. Time - This is limited to 40minutes per day every other day
  2. The students need to move and exercise as much as possible
  3. It goes against my personal beliefs to have them do seat time instead of physical activity
  4. Getting students to buy into technology in phys ed
Just a few stumbling blocks that do present a challenge for me. I will slowly work through as the year progresses though.


  1. All valid concerns, Steve! I, too, am taking time to process everything so that I know that the technology I eventually apply will "make meaning" in my classroom.

  2. You make some very good points, Steve. Your class time is so short and it is very important that they move! Maybe you could set up some sort of blog that they respond to once a week. Students could do this during workshop time or at home. Then you can use all of the class time for physical activity.

    And, I think you have already use some of these tools. You created a nice web site for Phys Ed last year!