Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 4 Thoughts and Goals

So day 4 and I finally have some goals in mind(narrowing down of my long list). I am going to set up google accounts for the remaining RA team members. The hope is that we use google docs to record our minutes from team meetings. Then to develop a blog for the team that we all own. Then each day every teacher takes 3-5 minutes to post an update on how the day went. This allows us to communicate with the other teachers, students and parents as well. Right now I still go back and forth as to what program to use: either Blogger or Wordpress Blogger is easier but Wordpress offers much more in terms of tools and functions.

So now to set up accounts!!!


  1. If it is new for the rest of the teachers as well, Blogger might be a starting point, and then work your way into wordpress . . . when starting something new or unfamiliar, it is often better to start simple, and work from there :)

  2. Thank you, Steve, for setting everything up for us. I do think it may take a little time to get everyone caught up, though. I definitely see us using google docs right away for our team meetings, but still think the blog might take us a bit longer to get going. We want to make sure that everyone is confident in using the tool before we start. You're adept at using these tools and perhaps we could spend a few team meetings where you teach us all more about how to use the blog, google docs, etc. I know we have others who have used them, too, and would be happy to help guide the rest of us -- sounds like we're going to have a technology focus this year in RA!

  3. I've got the RA Team blog in my RSS reader, Steve. Let's go!!