Monday, August 17, 2009

Initial Blog Hunt

As I dug through the infinite number of educational blogs I found myself within the first 60seconds either staying at the site or closing it out and moving on to another site. What made me stay or move away? It was usually the title and content. I find myself looking for the types of blogs that are "outside the box" or what I like to refer to as a "paradigm shift" in education. My feeling after 20years in teaching is that we tend to be losing kids who have some incredible talents yet go through school not being able to find and develop those talents. My 13 year son being one of them. He has an IQ of 135, very athletic yet is falling through the cracks of the school due to boredom. This situation has lead me to try new and different things to prevent that here with my phys ed classes.

A few interesting blogs that I found:

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  1. I can see where you would get behind trying to post to your blog on a daily basis. That is probably one of the reasons I am afraid to use this as a teaching tool, I don't want to start something that I won't follow up with.

    It certainly could help challenge many students, for example both of our sons. For that reason alone, I will be forced to try it this year.