Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So at this point I see myself updating the Mahoney PE site and then linking that to my school gmail account. Plus setting up my RSS with the site as well. My next step will be how do I then apply this in my classes(start with maybe the 8th grade). Our classes are limited in terms of time since they are only 40 minutes each and we meet every other day. Do I allow class time or assign a few tasks as homework? Not sure on this one - any thoughts from from my colleges?


  1. Steve,
    Interesting to think about adding it as homework in PE after the discussion regarding the effectiveness of it in yesterday's class. I also know that the idea of it did not go over well last year when my son had PE homework at the high school.

    Would it be possible to split classes; have one group working with your blog and responding while another group had instruction or did the physical fitness activities? Then it would not have to be just one or the other.
    It might be interesting if students kept a blog while doing all the physical fitness challenges as they go along-their feelings, fears, accomplishments....

  2. I think you have hit upon the difficulty of using some of this great "stuff" with certain classes. It definitely fits some classes better than others and that's why we all have to think outside the box. Maybe it isn't "homework" as much if it is something the kids are really doing because they want to. If somehow they were tracking their exercise or what they ate (some nutrition stuff) on a blog and then doing something with that.....I don't know how it would work exactly, but it is something to think about. Maybe in a month they would have to post or comment on other's posts 10 times or something and they could kind of do it when they wanted.

  3. I face the same scheduling issue and see blogs as a way to get to some of that vital information we just don't have time for in class. I was thinking of starting one grade as well, or creating listening blog and "requiring" students to respond to the posted link within a set time period for credit..starting small and creating a "community" where we touch on some of those things there just isn't time for in 40 minutes. Long comment; sorry!

  4. I know Cristin is right about PE homework not going over well. Most work doesn't go over well with large groups of kids, but it is still important for them to do. When I think of the kids in workshop doing nothing constructive on a regular basis, I know there is time for all to do such small assignments. But you do have such little time with kids and the "physical" part seems very important to me. Seems like a point for serious study.


  5. Might some of your scheduling issues diminish with the Wellness Strand in the Middle School Plan? Will you have more time, or at least other colleagues with whom you could plan some tech ideas?