Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Social Bookmarks

So after some time setting up some of my favorites on Delicious it is really great now to have an online data base to access when ever and where ever. I also like the ability to make it private or public. A great way to share with students and/or colleges all or just some of your favorites.

Also just set up a new blog on wordpress that will be for our Related Arts Team. I am hoping that each teacher will take 2-5 minutes each day to post on how the day went. We are often wondering what other teams/teachers are doing. This should help communicate that aspect of our day. We can also set up links to any individual teacher's site/blog or even start posting student homework as well.

The sky is the limit in terms of what and how far we can go with taking technology into more areas of our teaching.


  1. I also like the fact that you can make Delicious public or private. Didn't play with it enough to know, can you make the some parts public and other parts private-or do I have to create a new one for each class/topic/area of my life?

  2. I am going to follow your RA blog Steve!

  3. I like how you referred to delicious as a data base Steve. It is great too that it is so easy to mark some public, some's edit, Cristin! I have a question about an RA blog on Wordpress, though. Is Wordpress another site we need to get to to read/comment on blogs? I would like our school to possibly agree on a site to start with, or is that not done?

  4. Steve, Great idea to use a blog for the RA team. I think Leadership Team will start one, too, so the whole staff can read and comment on what we are up to.
    I am thinking that Grif might like delicious to make bookmarks of his science sites and see what others like about his topics,

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