Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wiki Day

As we learn about Wiki's today we did post on the group wiki on "what went well and what didn't" up to this point. At this time the school year is about one month old. We seem to be off to a great start so far. What has gone well: I would say the increased effort on building relationships with more students. We want students to come down to phys ed class and be relaxed so they can enjoy themselves yet learn at the same time. What has not gone well: I feel that there is a break in the communication between teams at this time. I do think that many of us may feel over extended and with the NECAP testing coming up soon - we are multi-tasking in every way possible. But I do feel this should pass as we mover further into the school year and we become much more comfortable with our day to day activities and tasks.

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  1. I'm not sure that things will get any easier, Steve. I seems to me that each year I am surprised at how stuff just keeps piling on! But, we'll survive as we always do.